Monday, November 23, 2009

Purple Rain RM40

Nice, satin brocade cotton material, exudes charm.
Measures 38"-32"-39", dress length 41", bodice 15".
Fits UK14-16

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Cutie Rosy RM35

Fun, flirty and feminine dress.
Polyester fabric with full lightweight lining.
Measures 33"-28"-38", dress length 37", bodice 15"
Fits UK 8-12

Midnight Blue RM30

Interesting buttons and piping details at front.
Polyester fabric with skirt lining.
Measures 38"-32"-40"
Dress length 43.5", bodice length 16"
Fits UK 14

Urban Coach RM35

Uber cool shirtdress, a sure hit! Check out the retro buttons.
Cotton material.
Fits UK12-14

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Spring Jacket RM60

This is a pre-loved item circa 1999. Beige colour, cotton and linen mix material. It is in good, lightly used condition. The inside is lined with a beautiful English rose cotton, trademark of Laura Ashley.There is a faint stain at the back, which can easily be removed by dry cleaning it.
Size UK10

Floral wiggle RM29

A simple and sweet wiggle dress
fits UK8-10
measures 32"-28"-35"
cotton material

60s Chic RM25

A simple cotton sheath dress to wear on a hot summer's day
Measures 35"-up to 35"-36" (A shaped)
Dress length 34", fits size UK12

Lilac Dreams RM35

A delightful day dress, islet cotton material. The skirt is lined with a comfortable polyester fabric, with lace at the hem. Measures 38"-32"-39". Dress length 41.5", bodice length 14"
Fits UK14-16

Jane Austen RM40

A full skirted, elegant day dress. Linen and cotton mix fabric, very comfortable to wear.
Zippered at back. Skirt falls to lower third of calves.
Measures 34"-26"-38/39". Dress length 48", bodice length 15.5"
Fits UK8-10
Excellent condition

Emerald Dreams RM35

A fun dress, worthy of office chic.  Cotton and rayon mix fabric.
Note the carved gold buttons and scallop details at front and sleeves.
Measures 35"-30"-36"(with pleats at skirt).
Dress length 40", bodice length 16.5"
Fits UK12-14
Excellent condition

Checkered Sophisticate RM32

Casual, easy to wear.
Made of stretchable cotton/spandex material.
Measures 32"-28"-34". Dress length 36", bodice length 16"
Fits UK 8-10

Lulu Guinness RM55

This is a rare vintage find. Very pretty, full biased cut skirt,
made of islet cotton material, buttoned at the back.
Measures 34"-26"-36", dress length 44", bodice 15.5"
Fits UK 8-10

Autumn Leaves RM32

Neutral colour that's easy to wear.
Made of cotton mix gauze like material.
Measures 33"-29"-38", dress length 41", bodice length 14.5"
Fits UK8-12

True Blue RM30

Elegant fitted bodice with side zipper and pleated skirt.
Made of polyester, lined skirt.
Measures 31"-26"-35", dress length 40", bodice length 14.2"
Fits UK6-8

Ice Baby RM25

Cotton day dress with back zipper, a faint stain on chest (barely visible)
Measures 35"26"-39", dress length 41", bodice 16.5"
Fits UK10-12

Waffly Flutter RM35

Great for lounging around or walkabout town.
Flutter sleeves, polyester fabric.
Measures 38"-27"-40", dress length 42", bodice 15.5"
Fits UK10-14

Retro Chic RM35

Another rare find, irresistable 70s retro print.
Made of comfortable cotton fabric.
Measures 34"-28"37", dress length 37", bodice 15.5"
Fits UK10-12

Princess Diana RM35

Classic design and length, exudes elegance
Sheer waffle cotton dress
Measures 36"-32"-39", dress length 46", bodice 14.5"
Fits UK12-16

Creme de la Creme RM25

Pussy bow with pleated front detail,
Polyester fabric.
Fits UK10-12

Peach Melba RM35

Cool crepe cotton with wooden buttons and wide collar.
Fits UK12-14

Sunny Jersey RM25

Retro design and colour, jersey material.
Fits UK8-10

Gettin' Jiggy With It RM29

Fun and cheery, with green square buttons.
Soft polyester fabric.
Fits UK12

Mary Jane RM29

Another gem found! Cotton lace with soothing colour and pattern,
with translucent square buttons.
The lining is a little shrunken and has tiny holes in it.
Fits UK10-12

Monday, November 9, 2009

Apple Blossom - RM35

Size: UK 12
Sold to Nadia

80s Glam RM25

Tomato red colour, satin cotton material,
with enhanced shoulder pads circa 80s.
Fits UK12

Mocha Latte RM35

Slightly sheer polyester fabric with intricate print detail.
Fits UK12

Sweet Pea RM25

Sheer polyester fabric with cute little red flowers.
Fits UK12

Abstract Vest RM25

Cotton vest.

Village People RM35

Cute depiction of little villagers, cotton.
Fits UK12-14
Sold to Hashimah

Retro Glam RM29

Jersey material, can be worn as top or a jacket.
Fits UK12

Medal of Honour RM30

A unique piece, polyester fabric.
Fits UK12-14

Apple and Pears RM35

Nice and chic jersey top.
Fits UK12

Lady in Red RM35

Polyester fabric.
Fits UK12
Sold to Yanie

Red Ruffles RM35

Dress up or dress down with this top.
Polyester fabric.
Fits UK12
Reserved for Hannah

World of Cartoons RM35

Unique number, cotton with wide collar.
Fits UK12
Sold to Amira

Holiday couple RM25

Cool cotton, wide collar.
Fits UK6-8

Art Deco RM32

Satin material with decorative gold buttons.
Fits UK12-14

Perfumery RM25

Polyester fabric, with gold buttons, nicer in real life.
Fits UK14-16

Itsy Bitsy RM29

Slightly sheer polyester fabric, petite gold buttons.
Fits UK10-12

Fair and Square RM25

Sheer soft polyester fabric.
Fits UK10-12

Crinkle Red RM25

Crinkly synthetic fabric.
Fits UK12-14

Floral Seduction RM35

Pussy bow, sheer polyester.
Fits UK12

Short n Sweet RM35

Islet cotton fabric.
Fits UK12-14

Polka Fair RM35

Fun vintage blouse, polyester.
Fits UK12-14
Sold to Mimi